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This week’s Artist Spotlight is on the local Toronto band Astrosurf. In their own words they “play catchy melodies on reverb laden electric guitar and interpret the music of surfers, cowboys and spies that the early Fender electric guitar heavily influenced in the 50’s.” I first saw Astrosurf perform at The Local in Roncesvalles about 5 years back and have been enamored with them ever since. Their performances are varied, engaging and I especially like that although the music is great they don’ take themselves overly serious. One of my favourites of theirs is a version of Mr. Sandman that changes key and increases in tempo numerous times until you are listening to a lightning fast bluegrass rendition. In the spirit of full disclosure, I had the opportunity to perform Dvorak’s New World Symphony with them on harmonica. Yes, you read that correctly. Occasionally the members of Astrosurf get the irrepressible urge to arrange a symphonic masterpiece for a 9 – 12 piece surf rock band and the results are hilarious but also incredible. During lockdown they have self-isolated to write and record musical vignettes which can be found on their instagram and facebook pages. To sum up, Astrosurf is fun, interesting and most important of all, full of surprises!

If you like what you hear check out www.astrosurfrock.com!