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If you are a guitar player just getting into the world of effects and amplifiers or you are someone curious about equipment then That Pedal Show is for you. It is one of my favourite YouTube channels for all guitar related gear. The channel covers guitars, effects, amplifiers, and the incredible tones and sounds they produce. The episodes delve into a variety of topics from the practical “pedal order basics” to the more advanced (and one of my personal favourites) “understanding overdrive pedals with Josh Scott.” They demo and compare new and not-so-new gear sometimes and sometimes feature special guests and always have a few laughs. The show is hosted by Mick Taylor and Daniel Steinhardt. Taylor has spent nearly two decades as a guitar journalist, commentator and creative professional for Guitarist magazine and Steinhardt is the boss man at The Gig Rig, a company dedicated to helping guitarists and bass players improve the quality and variety of their tone. They are, without a doubt, pedigree guitar gear geeks. The show is also released as a podcast so you can catch an episode on the go. Check it out via the link below.   

That Pedal Show